The Company

EarthSense was formed with the sole aim of enabling the world to understand and solve its air quality issues.  


We intend to help by providing the most detailed global air quality information, showing real-time exposure and actionable future forecasting that enables decisions and mitigation, for the betterment of human health.  


Providing a number of data, software and hardware services our young dynamic team has unparalleled air quality expertise in sensor design, pollution modelling and analysis and we use this to provide advice and support to government and industry globally.   


Air quality is a fast-growing area of concern and EarthSense has helped the likes of BBC and ITV promote the dangers of breathing poor air, along with all of our blue-chip, global clients whom are taking positive steps to reduce air pollution.  


As an outcome of our fast growth, we are looking to recruit a number of highly capable and ambitious individuals, who will enable the next stage of our business evolution, establishing key positions in our exciting company.  

We are looking for a talented firmware engineer to join the team to support ongoing development of our Zephyr® air quality sensor technology. This role will have primary responsibility for enhancements to the firmware operating on our network of sensors, including enhancing our firmware-over-the-air functionality, and overall resilience with status reporting. We are looking for self-starting, talented and suitably experienced individual, able to deliver robust and effective firmware to control our hardware, and deliver resilient data from a distributed network of units. This role will work directly with our Head of Technology, who has personally designed all current electronics and firmware for EarthSense to date. Our network is enabled with firmware updates over the air, and relies on resilient and flexible firmware to offer a range of functionality to our customers, across a range of hardware configurations. This role will work very closely with an electronics engineer, also currently being advertised (ES_EE_001).

Job Details

Job Title: Firmware Engineer

Post details: Full Time
Salary: £28,000 - £36,000 p.a. (dependent on experience).

Location: Dock, Leicester LE4 5NU, UK
Start date: Immediate (flexible depending on candidate)
Job Reference: ES_FE_001

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop new firmware functionality for existing hardware

  • Develop firmware for new products, in conjunction with the hardware designer.

  • Enhance status reporting and event reporting across the network.

  • Manage new firmware distribution using FOTA, in a suitably risk-managed framework.

  • Manage data manipulation within the hardware and communications systems (GSM, Wifi, BT) until it reaches our existing TCP servers.

Key Skills, Experience and Qualifications Sought:


  • Previous firmware development experience with low-power processors

  • Working knowledge of digital interfacing e.g. I2C, SPI, USART

Desirable ​

  • Diagnostics skills across the hardware-firmware divide e.g. ability to configure and use an oscilloscope

  • Experience with programming Atmel Xmega processors in C using Atmel Studio

  • Experience of designing firmware and/or backend servers for IoT devices

  • Good all-round electronics knowledge

Soft Skills Sought

  • Driven and self-motived  

  • Pragmatic and creative thinker  

  • Comfortable in a fast-paced start-up environment  

  • Comfortable helping with any tasks  

  • Strong personal integrity   

  • Good cultural fit within the team and personable  

Interview Process

Short-listed candidates will be invited to interview at our offices at the Dock in Leicester.

The interview will include a requirement to demonstrate previous experience at an appropriate level.

EarthSense is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to the safety and well-being of all.


​Application is by CV and covering letter, applications with no CV will be disregarded. Please email a CV and covering letter to: stating the job reference.

Applicants MUST already be eligible to work in the UK.




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