How can Businesses Reduce Air Pollution?

Air pollution affects us all but our lifestyles also contribute a great deal to pollution in our towns and cities - whether it's how we travel or how we heat our homes. There are a growing number of studies that evidence the link between air pollution and mental health, low birth rates and respiratory illnesses. 

Here's some tips on how you can get involved to help reduce the effects of ambient air pollution for you and your community.

Highway Bridges

1 | Change the way you travel 

Transport is the largest contributor to UK domestic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, responsible for 27% in 2019

(Department for Business Energy & Industrial Strategy). Cars and taxis account for 55% of these emissions, followed by Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). 68% of car journeys in the UK are under 5 miles and 23% under 1 mile (Sustrans)

Leave the car at home and choose to walk, cycle or scoot for short journeys. This saves from emitting harmful gas and particle emission into the air. Use public transport of share the journey - less vehicles on the roads means less pollution. Invest in cleaner modes of transport with electric vehicles. 

Air Quality & You Blog

Take a read of our blog where we've put together some more travel and lifestyle tips to help you reduce air pollution. 

2 | Contact your local authority

If you’re concerned about the air quality in your neighbourhood from congested streets to nearby construction activity, get in touch and speak to your air quality or environment health team. We already work with many local authorities and provide our air quality monitoring services to help evidence  the need for and success of pollution lowering strategies.

View our collection of case studies below to see how we're currently working with local authorities to manage air quality.


Pollution modelling through MappAir® & measuring with Zephyr® monitors to identify and mitigate wood-burning smoke emissions (PM2.5) in the city.


Using Zephyr® monitors to understand pollution & drive behavioural changes around Schools in Newham, London.

Real-time Zephyr® measurements alert traffic  management systems to manage urban traffic & pollution.

3 | Join your local community action group

Why not join a community group in your neighbourhood where you can discuss local topics with likeminded people. Communities often suffer the effects of air pollution and groups are a great way to speak others with the same concerns giving you a platform to start identifying issues and drive changes in the area.