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Want to learn more about the effects of air quality and what you and your team can do to manage air pollution? 

We're running a series of free knowledge share sessions where we will take you through why it's more important than ever to monitor air quality, especially in light of the new government decarbonisation plans in the UK. 


You'll learn about monitoring, modelling and SaaS solutions and how other companies are working to integrate air quality data for evidence-based strategies across transport, infrastructure, construction sectors and more!

Team Meeting

Share Sessions

Paper Abstract

Why is Pollution Monitoring Important?

Ambient air pollution affects us all and accounts for 4.2 million deaths per year.

Poor air quality has been linked to dementia, low birth rates and mental health.

Worsens symptoms for those suffering with Asthma and COPD

It affects us all. Transport, construction and industry shape our lives but are major contributors to poor air quality.

What we'll Cover

  • Brief introduction of who we are and what we do

  • Health & economic impact of air pollution

  • Understanding poor air quality in urban environments and the role it plays in your sector

  • Our products and services

  • Use cases

  • Q&A

How does it Work? 

  • Get in touch on behalf of your company and request a lunch and learn session

  • Option of a virtual or in-person session. (We'll bring the lunch if it's in-person!)

  • Group sessions with a minimum of 4 attendees from your company 

  • 30 minute duration per session

  • All sessions are free of charge!

EarthSense_Paul Carpenter (1).jpg

Paul Carpenter

Senior Business Development Manager

Paul has a wealth of experience in the transport sector after spending nearly 20 years working in consultancy and data collection.


Perhaps you are looking to to co-locate our Zephyr® sensor with temporary traffic monitoring equipment for more granular AADT data.


Paul is happy to answer any questions or enquiries regarding transport led studies and projects and can tailor sessions for your transport, infrastructure or smart and connected cities projects

EarthSense Dave Green (4).jpg

David Green

Senior Business Development Manager

David has a strong technical background in gaseous monitoring technologies for both ambient and process gases.


With expertise in monitoring techniques for ambient air applications, particularly in urban environments, David works closely with local authority clients to design and deliver monitoring networks to help them to achieve compliance.

Janet Philip_WIX FIX.jpg

Janet Philp

Account Executive

With 40 years' sales and customer service experience in retail, advertising and field sales, Janet is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of customer experience.

Janet will be happy to talk you through our full product offering and case studies to help you understand the need to monitor air quality across any sector. 

Meet the Team

Lunch and Learn sessions will be delivered by one of our knowledgeable team members depending on the project speciality. 

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