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Snr. Business Development Manager 



Meet the Team from EarthSense & KP Acoustics

What is Indicative MCERTS?

Receiving the MCERTS Stamp

What the Certification Means

Using the Zephyr® in Real World Construction


Do you want to find out more about the MCERTS approved Zephyr® monitor?

Meet the Speakers

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David Green

Snr. Business

Development Manager


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Greg Lewis

Head of Sales & Marketing


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Richard Booth

Environmental Monitoring Manager

KP Acoustics

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Emily Norman

Business Development & Marketing Manager

KP Acoustics

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Our Air Quality Service is Ensuring Cleaner
& Safer Operations Across the World

Learn more about our monitoring and modelling solutions. 

Air Quality Monitor


A CSA approved, MCERTS compliant ambient air pollution monitor that measures gases and particulates in real time across construction sites for monitoring air quality and its impact on the health and safety of individuals.

Air Quality Model


Model real-time ambient air pollution at localised levels or across an area of interest, providing a wider context to your measured data and offers insight into pollution trends, forecast and sources that may impact current conditions.

What our Partners Say

We use EarthSense’s Zephyr® monitors on site boundaries to provide monitoring data that is representative of sensitive receptors to help reduce the impacts on health from the particulate matter associated with construction site works. The real-time monitoring that EarthSense provides allows us to react quickly when exceedances occur, and contact site managers to ensure that the issue can be resolved efficiently.

Anabel Lilburn
Tetra Tech

The Zephyr® sensors have proven to be the optimal device for our clients’ needs as they are unobtrusive, relatively silent monitoring devices, and require minimal manual intervention. They have provided our client with a continuous feed of both ambient and indoor air quality data, and an instantaneous data download, via MyAir®, from within a classroom environment with no disruption to the pupils or class activities.

Dr. Peter Walsh

The Zephyr® instruments are a firm favourite with both the team and our clients. The remote device control enables more proactive and responsive monitoring. Coupled with a superb team of partners at EarthSense, these devices are the most reliable on the market by a long way.

Richard Booth
KP Acoustics

Live air quality data has been very effective in helping us to visualise air quality. We see a big opportunity with the air quality problem being a significant national challenge and we’re keen to understand how our infrastructure can support cleaner air. We’re aiming to be the industry-leading example of managing air quality in construction projects.

Matt Storey

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