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Air Quality Web App

A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform delivering your air quality data. 

MyAir is included as part of the Zephyr subscription and available as a web app, mobile app and streamlined public-facing web app specifically designed for local councils.

The interactive air pollution map highlights your static Zephyr locations, provides the latest ambient air quality measurements, and sensor status.

Analyse your Zephyr data alongside an unrivalled range of air pollution data overlays including complimentary MappAir for your country, Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA’s) and mapped locations and measurements from the Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN).

Monitor & Understand

Air Pollution at a Localised Level

Through your actual Zephyr measurements which are mapped alongside additional overlays. 

Use the satellite overlay to provide additional content to the locations of nearby buildings and roads. 

Visualise the Invisible & Understand the Impacts of Air Pollution

Through an interactive air pollution map, MappAir, provides modelled context showing local and regional dispersion events helping analysis and understanding of local pollution impacts.

Make Evidence Based Decisions for

Pollution Lowering Strategies

Use both measured and modelled data to understand pollution trends and use data to evidence mitigation strategies.

Interpret Your Air Pollution Data Quickly and Easily for

Actionable Insights

Using simplistic iconography, heat maps and custom charting in a data dashboard.

Instant data access for your Zephyr air quality sensor and MappAir modelling. 

Download your data to KML, CSV.

Understand Pollution Impacts Across

Multiple Sectors

Through integration of your pollution data with existing systems via an API to traffic management, meteorological,

construction & machinery systems. 

All Inclusive Understanding of How Your City Lives & Breathes in

One Application

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Educate Your Customers on Air Quality in the Area

With health advice and tips on how to limit exposure.

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