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Air Quality Monitor

The Zephyr® is an award-winning, certified, indicative ambient air quality monitor that accurately measures harmful gases and particle matter. 

Zephyr® monitors provide detailed air quality measurements in real-time to help identify pollution hotspots at a localised level such as busy road junctions. Extensive networks can be easily deployed for city-wide pollution data used to aid the development of smarter and cleaner towns and cities.


Regional Winner of the Environmental Award 

Federation of Small Businesses 2020

Winner of 'Design Team of the Year' 

British Engineering Excellence Awards 2019



MCERTS Logo.png

Certified to MCERTS Performance Standards

for Indicative Ambient Particulate Monitors

Pollutants Measured


How it Works

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Zephyr® Subscription

We offer an all inclusive pollution monitoring subscription service for business including hardware, servicing, data access and field work.

Zephyr® Rental

Short-term, flexible air quality monitoring project? Take a look at our new Zephyr® rental service available in the UK only. 

Air Quality Data for Whole Cities

Deploy a network of Zephyr® monitors as a cost effective way of identifying pollution hotpots and trends across a town or city. 

The new white colourway ensures effective performance for Zephyrs even when deployed in hotter climates.


Static Zephyr® deployments in Coventry City Centre | Coventry City Council, 2019

Replaceable Cartridge System

Zephyr® monitors operate on a replaceable cartridge system. Options include a range of standard and enhanced cartridges depending  requirements.


As part of our ongoing service we replace cartridges as required to maintain sensitivity and accuracy of  measurements. 

Active Sampling

The Zephyr® is designed to allow for an active refresh of air within the cartridge for a true and accurate insight into ambient air quality. 

Zephyr Air Quality Sensor Cut Out 2.jpg

Mobile & Static Use

All monitors can be used as a mobile or static device.  Install the Zephyr® onto a post, vehicle or even a backpack, and the in-built GPS will provide accurate positional information for each measurement.

Sensor Performance

We calibrate every Zephyr® air quality monitor prior to dispatch and our calibration performance is tested against reference standard analysers. Following successful calibration we provide you with a calibration certificate for your Zephyr®. 

The new white Zephyr® ensures that when deployed in areas of high temperatures, there is effective sensor performance. 

Certified against the UK Environment Agency's MCERTS Scheme (Indicative MCERTS).


Data Access in the MyAir® Web App

View, analyse and download your measured Zephyr® data in the EarthSense MyAir® web app.​

The app also has a host of features such as source apportionment, 3-day pollution forecasting, alerting, Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) overlays and country-wide MappAir® modelled data for added context to your localised air quality measurements.

Integrate Data with a Comprehensive API

Zephyr® air quality data can be directly integrated into third party systems via our API in a range of formats including Json and csv.  

Integrate air quality measurements into traffic models, smart city applications and more.

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