Smart city technology is helping to create more sustainable, cleaner and more efficient environments for communities through integrated data from a variety of sources.

As ambient air pollution remains a threat to public health with transportation being a major contributor to pollution there is an increasing focus to use these data collaboratively for insights to help prevent or control the affects of air pollution and traffic in our towns and cities. 


Air Quality Data & Traffic Management for Smart Cities 


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Join us and our partners, Aimsun and Siemens Mobility for a webinar that will discuss our latest project, Network Emissions/Vehicle Flow Management Adjustment (NEVFMA) and learn how integrated air quality and traffic data can help to create cleaner and smarter cities.
21 Apr 2021, 10:00 – 11:00 BST
Online via Microsoft Teams
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Meet the Speakers

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Roland Leigh

Technical Director


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Gav Jackman

Managing Director


Gary Bray .jpg

Gary Bray

Senior Product Manager

Siemens Mobility

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Greg Lewis

Head of Sales & Marketing



Integrate air quality data with traffic management systems 

Learn how traffic flow impacts air quality for your city through real-time measured sensor data and predictive modelled data.

Create area-wide scenarios to optimise traffic flow and reduce emissions from vehicles

Integrate real-time emissions data into traffic models to predict short-term scenarios to better manage the flow of traffic and improve air quality in cities.

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Our Smart City, Intelligent Transport & IoT Partners

Poor air quality is an ever-increasing problem, with road transport contributing significantly to urban pollution. That’s why Siemens Mobility Limited exclusively partnered with air quality experts EarthSense, fully integrating the Zephyr® air quality sensor with our traffic signals and systems.


Local authorities can now monitor air quality in real time and make meaningful and timely interventions through Siemens Mobility’s traffic management system, implementing strategies based on reliable pollution data and prevailing air quality levels.

Matthew Vincent

Siemens Mobility Ltd

Working with over 100 towns and cities, we are heavily involved in helping places become more digitised and using data to help benefit local visitors, residents, and the business community.

Intelligent data sets are crucial for the management of economic growth and regeneration, and the focus on the environment, means air quality will play a very big part in all our futures.  Adding this data to set to our already established services will be an integral part of our reporting going forward.

Dan Coombs

Proximity Futures

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A Quality Monitor


A compact ambient air pollution monitor that monitors gases and particulates at a localised level such as large junctions and frequently congested roads. 

A Quality Model


Model real-time ambient air pollution at localised levels or for cities and countries providing a wider context to your measured data and offers insight into pollution trends, forecast and sources.