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Transport & Intelligent Transport Systems

Our modelling and sensor technologies play a key role in managing air pollution in cities using intelligent transport systems. 

Measured Zephyr® data and modelled MappAir® data is being used to redirect traffic through cities, adjust timing on traffic lights and automatically switch vehicles to electric mode in heavily polluted city centres; creating smarter and cleaner towns and cities. 


Compatible with Siemens Mobility Stratos

Traffic Management System.

Zephyr® sensors are GPS and Wi-Fi enabled

To allow for mobile use in vehicles, bicycles and on foot. 

Compact and lightweight sensor

Easily deployed when used as a static device for measuring and discreet on street infrastructure. 

Real-time data whilst travelling

Giving you an accurate insight into pollution concentrations throughout your journey using the Zephyr® sensor. 

Multiple Zephyr® sensor power options

Including solar panel power or hard-wire to a lighting/traffic light column or internal battery for use on the go.

Integrate your data with existing systems

Via an API. Zephyr® sensors are also compatible with the Siemens Mobility Stratos traffic management system.

Scenario planning with MappAir®

Active reporting on pollution levels with the ability to change scenarios to identify the air pollution impacts of road closures, changes to traffic priorities and behaviours. 

Pollution forecasting with MappAir®

React to pollution forecasts and adjust your transport strategies to active clean air zones, enforce road closures, adjust traffic signal timing and more!

Analyse the success of your mitigation strategies

Use both MappAir® and Zephyr® data to monitor air pollution before, during and after your project and test the success of your mitigation plans

Air Quality Data for Transport, Infrastructure &
Engineering Services

Learn more about how our air quality monitoring service is helping to build cleaner intelligent transport systems and cycling infrastructure.

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