Air Quality Sensor

The Zephyr® is a compact and lightweight ambient air pollution sensor that accurately measures harmful gases and particle matter. 

Zephyr® sensors provide detailed air quality measurements in real-time to help identify pollution hotspots at a localised level such as busy road junctions. Extensive networks can be easily deployed for city-wide pollution data used to aid the development of smarter and cleaner towns and cities.


How it Works

Zephyr® Subscription

We offer an all inclusive pollution monitoring subscription for business including all hardware, servicing and data access.

Air Quality Data for Whole Cities

Simply deploy a network of Zephyr® sensors across your city as a cost effective way of identifying pollution hotpots and trends.

Static Zephyr® deployments in Coventry City Centre | Coventry City Council, 2019

Replaceable Cartridge System

All Zephyr® sensors operate on a replaceable cartridge system. Options include either a standard or enhanced cartridge depending on requirements.


As part of our ongoing service pack we replace cartridges as required to maintain sensitivity and accuracy of measurements. 

Active Sampling

The Zephyr® is designed to allow for an active refresh of air within the cartridge for a true and accurate insight into ambient air quality. 

Zephyr Air Quality Sensor Cut Out 2.jpg

Mobile & 

Static Use

All sensors can be used as a mobile or static device. Install the Zephyr rapidly onto a post, vehicle or even a backpack, and the in-built GPS will provide accurate positional information for each measurement.

Sensor Performance

We calibrate every Zephyr® air quality sensor prior to dispatch and our calibration performance is tested against reference standard analysers. Following successful calibration we provide you with a calibration certificate for your Zephyr®

Air Quality Web App

View, analyse and download your measured Zephyr® data in the newly designed, user-friendly MyAir® air quality web app.​

Featuring first-to-market innovations including a global air quality model, air quality management areas (AQMAs), source apportionment, forecasting and DEFRA air quality reference data free of charge.

Comprehensive API

Your Zephyr® air quality data can be accessed directly via our API in a range of formats including json and csv.  


In addition, our Zephyr® web portal allows you to interact with data from all your deployed Zephyrs easily and intuitively.




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