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How can Businesses Reduce Air Pollution?

Many businesses contribute to and suffer the consequences of poor air quality. Whether this be through construction works or congested town centres, businesses and local authorities have a responsibility to ensure practises are not creating excess ambient air pollution. 

We work with businesses across the globe to help them identify and understand pollution in a way that it can be mitigated for the health of the environment and human health. 

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1 | Identify your concerns and speak to an expert

Get in touch! We've worked with hundreds of businesses across the globe and continuing to helping them understand and tackle air pollution.


Our in-house experts can discuss your project and provide insight into the right services to help achieve your goals. Businesses can also request to book a knowledge share session and learn more about air quality and how our

award-winning technologies are helping businesses to reduce air pollution and its impact on health. 

Book a Knowledge Share Session

Want to learn more about the effects of air quality and what you and your team can do to manage air pollution? We're running a series of free knowledge share sessions where we will take you through why it's more important than ever to monitor air quality and the solutions available for your business. 

2 | Choose the right tools to identify pollution hotspots, causes and trends

Our complete air quality monitoring solution from hardware, modelling and SaaS (Software as a Solution) is already helping hundreds of businesses around the globe.

Whether this is through deploying networks of Zephyr® air quality monitors around schools or creating digital twins with modelling and integration for optimising traffic, our products and services can be applied to a host of applications to give your business better insight into the causes and trends. Understanding this can help put in place measures for reducing pollution with local authorities implementing Clean Air Zones (CAZs) and road closures or transport companies re-routing traffic around cities to prevent congestion and excess emissions. 


Global air quality modelling suite


Small-form, indicative air quality monitor

3 | Learn How Other Businesses Are Using
Air Quality Services

Our air quality data is being integrated by businesses across various sectors. Take a look at some of our partners and how they're using air quality data with their core services. 

Real-time Zephyr® measurements alert traffic  management systems to manage urban traffic & pollution.

School Kids

Partnering with GAP to identify the most polluted schools in the UK using MappAir® annual averaged pollution data.

Suburban Homes

Providing air quality levels for UK postcodes and advice on air purifying solutions that reduce indoor pollution exposure.

Streets of London

Annual averaged data powers the UK-wide pollution checker providing an air quality index for each postcode.

2021 Leicester -Hamilton -kc.png

Esri provide EarthSense with a platform to host UK annual average datasets through the ArcGIS Marketplace.

Traffic Long Exposure

Annual averaged data powers the UK-wide pollution checker providing an air quality index for each postcode.

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