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Air Pollution for
your Postcode

Our air quality model, MappAir® provides historic, near real-time, and forecast data for air pollution. Taking a variety of data sources such as weather, traffic data and government reference site data, it creates a pollution map for the whole globe right down to a busy junction.

MappAir® has been used to power the pollution postcode checker on the BBC website and provides a strong indication of ambient air quality from annual averaged data for wide areas or postcodes across the UK.

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Real-time localised monitoring can also be carried out through use of air quality monitors. The Zephyr® air quality monitor provides detailed insight into pollution for specific areas, taking in and measuring concentrations of gaseous and particle pollutants. 


Global air quality modelling suite


Small-form, indicative air quality monitor


A generally clean environment with very low chance of the average nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels exceeding the annual legal limit.


There is a low to moderate chance of the average nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels exceeding the annual legal limit. The air in your area is generally clean, although there may still be some high concentrations of (NO2) located close to major roads at peak times. 


It is likely that nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels will exceed the annual legal limit. At peak traffic times the air quality will worsen, particularly in stagnant weather conditions. Studies point towards minor long-term health concerns for people spending long periods in the these conditions. 


There is a strong chance of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels exceeding the annual legal limit. Just 1 in 200 GB postcodes reach this category or higher. Sensitised individuals (e.g.; asthma sufferers) should manage exposure and exercise levels accordingly. There are likely to be some health impacts of long-terms exposure.


There is a very strong chance of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels exceeding the annual legal limit. These areas occupy just 1 in 635 GB postcodes, mostly in city centres or immediately near to motorways. Residents should monitor air quality forecasts actively and manage both short-term and long-term exposure. UK research findings on health impacts of exposure can found on the UK government website.

Take a look at our practical steps to take to minimise air pollution and exposure. 


A rating of 6 indicates polluted environments, with major implications for human health. There are no UK post codes with this category.

What does my Pollution Score Mean?

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How can we Improve Air Quality?

How we Work with Businesses to Improve Air Quality

We work with local government and businesses across various sectors to help understand and mitigate the impacts of air pollution on the environment & human health. 

Tips for Individuals to Reduce Exposure 

There are lifestyle and behavioural changes we can all adapt to improve the quality of the air we breathe. Here's some handy tips to help you minimise pollution and exposure.

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