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Global Air Quality Modelling Suite

MappAir® is a high-resolution global model of air pollution that uses advanced modelling techniques, cloud-based data inputs including transport and weather data and applies machine learning technologies to create reliable and usable visualisations of air pollution around the world.


It allows users to understand key emission sources within an area of interest, complete with near real-time, historic and predicative air quality data for detailed and actionable insight into pollution trends. 


MappAir's data accuracy is within and compliant with the limits outlined within The Air Quality Directive (2008/50/EC) guidelines.

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Past, present & predictive
air quality data for a host of sectors 

Aerial View of Flyover Bridges

Transport & Traffic Management

Integrate MappAir® data into traffic management systems to assess the affect of congestion on air quality. Dynamically manage congestion to help evidence and reduce tailpipe emissions.


Construction & Planning

Understanding how methods of working and new developments are affecting workers and the local air quality over time. Use data to evidence new planning strategies.

School Kids

Schools & Communities

Review annual averaged data to see the impact of pollution on children's health and pinpoint concentrations for individual postcodes including schools

and homes.

City Traffic

Smart Cities
& IoT

Integrate MappAir® into an existing IoT system for smarter, cleaner and connected cities or create a digital twin for your city complete with air pollution data with seamless integration.

Real-time decision making through accurate, high resolution data

Forecast pollution data to inform the vulnerable, issue road closures & control traffic.

MappAir® Modelling Suite 


Global Model >

Worldwide coverage of ambient air pollution utilising the industry leading Copernicus satellite service. Understand economic, cultural, & environmental factors affecting air quality for whole continents to help drive legislation.

Understand regional dispersion events, notify public of pollution forecasts, drive behavioural change and integrate air quality information into fitness tracking and routing applications.

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National Model >

Covers the UK mainland in 100 x 100msq resolution and utilises a number of  third-party data sources, including real-time traffic data from Highways England and national weather models from the Met Office. We provide the highest resolution, highest accuracy model that is commercially available and compliant with The Air Quality Directive (2008/50/EC).

Set triggers for health interventions, identify sources of pollution, assess pollution-lowering strategies and understand pollution trends over time.

MappAir Leicester 070720.png

City & Reactive Models >

High resolution city and reactive models for cities up to 2m spatial resolution with CFD and land use regression capabilities. Gain a  detailed view of how pollution moves around cities, sources and hotspot areas for real-time decision making.

Scenario planning, Dynamically manage traffic, issue signals to motorists and residents, evidence the success of interventions and integrate data into clean routing applications.

Learn how our partners, Aimsun are using MappAir® to manage congestion and minimise air quality in Oxford.
Download case study 

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Advanced Modelling Techniques

Market-leading functionality to calculate emissions and dispersion of key pollutants in complex environments. With a range of additional services including source apportionment and enhanced scenario planning. 

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Near Real-time Pollution Data

Identify pollution hotspots and episodes at peak times as they happen for busy road junctions and whole towns and cities.

MappAir Feature Icons Website_Annual Averaged Data.png

Hyper-local Annual Averages

Correlate the effects of air quality over time with other parameters on a national scale - such as hospital admission rates, social deprivation, school attendance rates and footfall. Our annual averaged data dates back to 2014.

MappAir Feature Icons Website_Global Capability.png

Global Capability 

Worldwide coverage of ambient air pollution utilising the industry leading Copernicus satellite service in near real-time and 72-hour forecast. We can also create high resolution pollution models for anywhere in the world. 

MappAir Feature Icons Website_Seamless Integration API.png

Seamless Integration

Integrate MappAir® data using an Application Programming Interface (API) into applications including website, mobile and third-party software solutions for smart cities, digital twins and transport.

MappAir Feature Icons Website_72 Hour Forecasting.png

72-hour Pollution Forecasting

View forecast concentrations and signal upcoming pollution episodes allowing you to protect those vulnerable to respiratory illnesses or alert residents of predictive pollution spikes to drive behavioural change.

MappAir Feature Icons Website_Historic Pollution Data.png

Historical Pollution Data

Identify and understand long-term pollution exposure. Use historic data to influence and assess the success of strategic investment decisions and interventions for government, environmental agencies, research and planning.

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Integrated Zephyr® Data

 The UK national model includes Zephyr® data from the deployed UK network allowing for a richer, more accurate air quality model.

Read of our MappAir® blog to learn more about the technology is being used by businesses.
Read MappAir® blog 

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