Global Air Quality API

MappAir® is a unique, high resolution map of air pollution that uses advanced modelling techniques to provide insight into air pollution from global scales right down to street corners. 

The MappAir® model is built using advanced cloud-based data inputs and applies machine-learning technologies for the most accurate and reliable air quality data model.

Pollutants Modelled


High resolution data

Uses Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD]

Global air pollution coverage

Advanced data inputs integrated 

Highly versatile API

Historical data and statistics

Integration of global sensor networks 

Data in near real-time [NRT]

Hourly pollution forecasting and alerts

Configurable air quality indices including global standards

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Our highly experienced team of MappAir® modellers use an advanced and unrivalled modelling technique called Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD], to model air pollution. 

Using CFD we can model the flow and dispersion of air pollution around buildings and urban canyons in 3D to gain a detailed insight into ambient air pollution in built up areas.


Forecast and
Historic Data

Our MappAir® pollution data is available on a 3 day forecast at city, national and global scales providing valuable insight into future risks to human health.

We provide historic emissions data on a national scale at 100m resolution for the UK from 2014-2018 enabling organisations to evidence the effectiveness of pollution-lowering initiatives and identify trends in air quality for future strategies.

Changing levels of NO2 in the UK from 2014 - 2017

No change





We use the most advanced modelling techniques to create a high resolution and accurate model of air pollution at a city scale. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics we can provide a detailed view of air quality right down to a

street corner.

We work with local governments looking to identify and mitigate air pollution at congested road junctions. We influence intelligent transport systems, smart city and clean routing applications to provide the most detailed air pollution data for your city.

Available in near real-time at 10m resolution for NO2 and

PM2.5 and particularly effective when used in conjunction with the Zephyr® air quality sensor.


Our national MappAir® dataset includes air quality data for whole countries hourly and as a 3-day forecast, with historic data available for the UK.

The national MappAir® product is tailored for applications aimed at identifying long-term exposure and providing guidance on health impacts. This can be used to influence strategic investment decisions and interventions for government and environmental agencies. 

Available at a 100m resolution, modelled pollutants include NO2, PM2.5 and selected air quality indices. 

MappAir® 2017 Annual Mean for PM2.5 in the UK 


We can integrate global coverage of ambient air pollution data via our API into products and services including travel, active transport, fitness tracking and routing applications.

The global MappAir® product provides near real-time and  forecast data, tailored to your specific global locations. 

Modelled pollutants include NO2, O3, SO2, PM2.5 and PM10

Our Technology


We offer city, national and global MappAir® licenses to cater for different applications and modelling requirements. 

Get in touch using the link below outlining your specific needs and one of our air quality experts will be in touch. 

Data Access


Data is accessed via an API, delivering multiple data formats including csv, JSON and OGC compliant web services [WMS & WCS]


Web Mapping Service [WMS]

Data is delivered as mapped images.

Web Coverage Service [WCS]

Data is delivered as a raw data file.

Other Types of Access

Contact us if you require and alternative format for data access.