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Air Quality Monitoring

Solutions that give you the full picture

Air quality monitors are essential tools for construction and demolition sites to measure and track the levels of pollutants in the air. Our award-winning air quality solutions enable you to take proactive steps to protect workers, nearby communities, and the environment from exceeding pollution levels. Ready to start your air quality journey?

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Zephyr®: Award-winning MCERTS Compliant Air Quality Monitor


EarthSense’s industry-leading air quality monitor, the Zephyr®, allows for effortless collection of accurate air quality data and allows keeping track of evidence-based targets. The Zephyr® is an award-winning, indicative, certified air quality monitor that is responsive to dust and a range of pollutants, including NO, NO2, O3, CO, SO2, H2S, CO2, TVOC, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. Real-time air quality measurements allow for continuous monitoring and a clear understanding of air quality concentrations at the monitor's location.


Recently awarded indicative MCERTS, an internationally recognised standard regarding ambient air monitoring for indicative ambient particulate monitors. It has a selection of placement and power options including mains, battery, or solar power to ensure the monitor is best suitable for its chosen environment. The Zephyr® is a breeze to install with a back bracket, and weighing a maximum of two kilograms allows it be to installed at the required hights.

Discover our own MCERTS-compliant, award-winning air quality monitor:

The Benefits of Air Quality Monitoring

Quickly resolve exceeding pollution levels

Alert on exceeding particular levels, allowing quick resolutions of exceeding pollution levels. Warn site workers, and notify residents and authorities.  And pause activities or works to adhere to guidelines and SLA's. 

Evidence your environmental and sustainability efforts

Easily track and analyze your air quality hotspots and trends, in MyAir® and export in CSV or KML formats for reporting or presenting purposes.

Discover your project's environmental impact

Visualise your deployed Zephyr® network in MyAir® to help identify trends in pollution concentrations and how specific events affect the ambient air pollution on site. 

Save time & money 

Save on costly consultancy fees with MyAir®, and utilise its plethora of powerful tools to effortlessly drill into your data. And produce reports with accurate air quality data. 

A Breath of Fresh Air for Air Quality Management

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It is a constant challenge to manage air pollution on your construction or demolition site. We understand that balancing deadlines, delays, and budgets is already a challenge, and adding air quality management to the mix can be overwhelming. Not only does it impact the workforce's health and safety, but it also affects the environment and may result in unplanned charges for breaking acceptable levels of pollutants.


At Earthsense, we believe that workforce health and safety, as well as sensitivity towards the environment, should be a top priority during construction and demolition projects. That's why we offer a simple solution to air quality management. With our MyAir® web application, you can easily collect air quality data and see it all in one place. Say goodbye to the stress of air quality management and breathe easy with MyAir.

“The dust the device is sampling needs to be the dust escaping this means the devices usually need to be deployed above any hoarding or dust sheet lines meaning they can be at some heights. Usually three meters from the ground.
The fact that the Zephyr® weighs a maximum of two kilograms along with its easy installation with its back bracket means that it's an absolute breeze to install.”

Richard Booth

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Environmental Monitoring Manager,
KP acoustics

Why choose EarthSense?

Outstanding project support

Our customer support team is available to assist you 5 days a week. We are dedicated to providing top-notch support for your project and are here to help with troubleshooting and any other assistance you may need.

Powered by Unique Global Air Quality Modelling Suite

Benefit from a seamless integration with MappAir, a high-resolution air quality model providing near-real-time and forecast pollutant data and more.

Highest Data Quality

Cartridges are provided with a co-location certificate with detailed information about the performance of the sensors. And the monitors are calibrated to an MCERTS reference site.

Cutting Edge Software

Generate comprehensive air quality data reports to inform decision-making. It makes analysing trends and patterns in air quality data, pinpointing challenges, and interpreting air quality efficient and easy.

Find out more

Watch our video on Air Quality Monitoring in Construction

Watch our video, to discover the many benefits of using our cutting-edge Zephyr® air quality monitors at construction and demolition sites. Easily view this air quality data on the bespoke MyAir® application, providing a hassle-free and streamlined experience. makes managing air quality easy and simple on our platform. 

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Learn more about how our award-winning, certified, indicative ambient air quality monitor, the Zephyr® can help you accurately measures harmful gases and particle matter within your network or site.  

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