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The Leading Air Quality Platform

Our market-leading Air Quality platform is powered by our national air quality data model MappAir®, including an array of existing air quality data sources, from our very own Zephyr® network to 3rd party sensor data, delivering the most complete view of air quality data currently available. 


With access to past, present and future air quality insights, you'll have the power to make informed, actionable decisions to help improve the air we all breathe.


Air Quality Monitor Integration and Managment 


Real-Time, Historical & Forecast Data with integrated, in-depth Data Analytics  

MappAir Layers.png

High-resolution Modelled data from MappAir® going back to 2015 

MyAir Program PNG.png

Intuitive Web-based Application with Flexibility to Meet Bespoke Needs 

MyAir® is a data visualisation and analytics platform enabling you to seamlessly view, analyse and download air quality information. View your data in an intuitive, interactive map with advanced tools, fused with real-time and future air quality forecasting. Access the most detailed air quality insights from your desktop today. 

Air Quality Data Insights

Available as a Web-Based Application, Public Portal & Mobile Application

Unlock the MyAir® Advantage

Effortless generation of accurate and dependable air quality data.

Eliminate the need for costly consultants with an intuitive platform providing reliable data to generate comprehensive reports.

Dive into in-depth comprehensive air quality data for a holistic overview.

Delve into the past, present and future air quality data for a holistic overview, using EarthSense's MappAir® data model. 

Shape strategies with actionable accurate air quality data. 

Stay ahead of the curve using air quality insights to shape future policies, procedures, and actions with confidence.

Simplify complex air quality data for action seamlessly.

Make the invisible, visible and easily interpret data and share it with stakeholders, colleagues, and the community.

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