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Zephyr® Rental

Air Quality Monitor

You asked, we delivered! The Zephyr® air quality monitor is now available to rent in the UK as a cost-effective, MCERTS standard solution for short-term monitoring projects. 

Rent a single or network of Zephyr® monitors for a minimum period of 1 month and enjoy the same benefits as a Zephyr® purchase including all servicing, maintenance and data access. 


How it Works

1. Get in touch!

Speak to one of our air quality experts to discuss your project and requirements 

2. Sit back, we'll take it from here

We'll install, monitor, service and maintain the monitor for you and provide you with your data access link

3. Access your data

Login to the MyAir® app to view, download and

analyse your measured air quality data

4. Extend your rental or end your project

Once you've come to the end of your rental period, you can choose to extend it, purchase the Zephyrs or end the rental and we'll collect the units

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Small-form, indicative, ambient air quality monitor

What's Included

Enjoy the full benefits of a Zephyr® subscription purchase in one of our rentals! We provide a fast turnaround for rental units and take care of the installation, servicing and maintenance. 

Zephyr® Air Quality Monitor

Data Access via MyAir® or API

MyAir® is a new and intuitive web app with interactive map showing your pollution concentrations, graphs and reports all available to analyse and download. The Zephyr® also integrates with existing systems and data is sent via an API.

Access to New Features from MyAir®

Access your sensor calibration certificates, source apportionment, pollution forecasting and scenario planning.

FREE MappAir® Data for the UK

Via the MyAir® web app for PM2.5 and NO2 providing even more context alongside your measured data.

New Communication Technology

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2G, 4G, and 5G technologies NB-IoT and

LTE Cat-M1.

Data Hosting & SIM Costs Included

MCERTS Performance Standard monitoring

Certified PM2.5 and PM10 measurements (indicative MCERTS).

Cartridge Calibration & Testing

We calibrate and test every Zephyr® at our own manufacturing facility to near-reference site standard with no

in-field calibration required.

Continued Sensor Monitoring

Our in-house data scientists carry out remote monitoring of sensor performance to ensure there's no loss in data quality. 

Installation Service

Our in-house team will install and decommission your Zephyrs so there is no in-field interaction required by you. 

In-house Technical Support

Comprehensive service levels and technical assistance.


Full warranty on any manufacturing faults.

Power Supply

Solar panel power for static use on street infrastructure or internal rechargeable battery for internal or mobile use. 

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Is Renting Right for
my Project?

Renting Zephyr® monitors is ideal for short-term monitoring projects where baseline air quality monitoring is required to assess the likelihood of developments or if budgets are restricted. 

We work with multiple sectors from transport to schools and local authorities to help identify air pollution sources for the betterment of human health.  

Transport & Smart Cities

Integrate air quality monitoring to traffic surveys and traffic models to understand what is happening now and develop future infrastructure. 

Construction & Engineering

Install Zephyr® monitors across construction sites to understand the pollution impact on workers and local community. Use data to evidence compliance and practise cleaner methods of working.

Local Authority & Education

Assess the impact of idling cars and congestion outside of schools and your local area to evidence the need for clean air zones and car free zones. 

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