Construction & Engineering

We work with engineers, planners, consultancies and construction professionals to help build cleaner and smarter cities, buildings, roads and railways with less impact of air pollution on the health of workers and the local community.

Real-time measured Zephyr® data and modelled MappAir® data is often used collectively to inform large scale construction and urban planning projects giving immediate insight into the impacts of air quality.


This data allows users to react immediately; changing methods of work, ensuring compliance, securing green certification and validating measurements from mobile machinery assessments on site to create safe working environments. 

Image by EJ Yao

Learn more about how our air quality monitoring services are being used by Amey to develop smart infrastructure

Zephyr® sensors are GPS and Wi-Fi enabled

Compact and lightweight & portable sensor

Easily deployed when used as a static device for measuring and discreet on street infrastructure. Move sensors to different site locations to monitor pollution where needed.

Real-time data

Giving you an accurate insight into pollution concentrations throughout to enable immediate, well informed decision. Monitor pre, during and post construction for full air quality lifecycle. Outputs are suitable for permitting, reporting and compliance studies

Multiple Zephyr® sensor power options

Including solar panel power, hard-wire to a lighting/traffic light column or internal battery.

Integrate your data with existing systems

Receive MappAir® and Zephyr® data via an API and integrate into your own systems

Set pollution alerts

To advise if levels of pollutants exceed predefined levels, helping site managers, planners, consultants and workers stay safe

Monitor dust, noise, vibration and weather

By simply plugging in your Zephyr® sensor to third party providers

Validating measurements from mobile machinery assessments on site

Using real-time air, measured air quality data


Data to evidence and help secure green certification

Fulfil statutory obligations and use data to evidence cleaner working methods.

Scenario planning with MappAir®

Active reporting on pollution levels with the ability to change scenarios to identify the impacts on air pollution

Pollution forecasting with MappAir®

React to pollution forecasts and adjust your working methods and processes to minimise air pollution.