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Alkali Environmental Uses Zephyr® Air Quality Monitor as Part of Emissions Monitoring Service

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

EarthSense, the air quality expert, has today announced that it is working with UKAS and MCERTS-accredited stack emission monitoring consultancy firm, Alkali Environmental to deliver an ambient monitoring service.

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Alkali Environmental is using EarthSense’s Zephyr® air quality monitors as part of an ambient monitoring and air quality consultancy service that will be offered to land developers, construction companies, local authorities, and industrial operators. The service will use Zephyr® monitors alongside pollution dispersion models to ensure that activities that can emit harmful gases and particulates into the atmosphere, such as developing new build houses or demolition, aren’t having a negative impact on the local or wider environment and communities.

The consultancy firm will deploy EarthSense Zephyr® monitors across its clients’ sites to collate baseline data, carry out risk assessments and provide guidance to clients about how to appropriately respond to elevated levels of air pollution. Baseline data will also be compared with measurements taken during monitoring projects and with dispersion modelling data to visualise and assess the impact of on-site operations on air quality.

EarthSense’s data access web application, MyAir® will also enable Alkali Environmental to analyse air quality data and configure air pollution alerts. This will instantly notify the firm when specific pollutants breach levels past the chosen limits across its clients’ sites, enabling consultants to quickly report on increased concentrations and advise site managers on how to reduce air pollution. This may include interventions such as dust management plans or temporarily stopping works.

Alkali Environmental will consult with its clients on the type of pollutants to be detected and will use Zephyr® units to monitor real-time concentrations of a range of ambient air pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3) and nitric oxide (NO). The Zephyr® monitor also provides PM2.5 and PM10 measurements that can be used by Alkali Environmental as part of regulatory applications, such as reporting on compliance with dust management plans, or handling complaints from local receptors for its clients.

Matthew O’Neill, Divisional Director for Air Quality Consultancy at Alkali Environmental said: “These innovative devices offer accurate and real-time data on air quality, enabling us and our clients to track pollution levels effectively. The compact design and easy deployment of the EarthSense Zephyr® makes it ideal for monitoring in various settings, including urban areas and industrial zones. A big advantage to the Zephyr® is the ability to use solar panels, which enables us to situate monitors in areas which do not have access to power and removes the requirement to replace batteries. Whilst achieving MCERTS accreditation for particulate matter, the Zephyr® enables Alkali Environmental to offer a complete package of air quality services.

Tom Hall, Chief Executive Officer at EarthSense said: “Emissions during construction works can affect such a wide range of people – from site managers to people passing by, to the wider neighbourhood. With an ambient emissions monitoring service, Alkali Environmental can understand and minimise the impact of such activity by identifying where air pollution is coming from, where it’s going, and make use of Zephyr® data to show how to mitigate against it.

The EarthSense Zephyr® is a real-time air quality monitor that takes live measurements of ambient air pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitric oxide (NO), ozone (O3), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10). Measurements are sent back to the MyAir® web application, where air quality data can be viewed, analysed, and downloaded. Used in combination with the MappAir® air quality model, users can pull various insights about areas of interest, such as pollution hotspots, peak times, and identify nearby sources contributing to elevated levels. The Zephyr® air quality monitor has been certified as compliant with the MCERTS Performance Standards for Indicative Ambient Particulate Monitors. The certification provides end users with an extra level of confidence that its data quality for PM2.5 and PM10 is accurate and reliable, meaning that Zephyr® monitors are fit for certain regulatory purposes, such as identifying short-term pollution events at construction, demolition or waste transfer sites.

About Alkali Environmental:

Alkali Environmental is a leading independent UKAS and MCERTS accredited testing laboratory No 24303. We offer our services throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Find out more at:



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