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Roland Leigh

Chief Technical Officer
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Roland, the Chief Technical Director at EarthSense, brings extensive expertise and innovation to his role. With a strong academic background, he has devoted his career to advancing air quality research.

Roland served as a Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) for six years, fostering collaboration between academia and industry to tackle environmental challenges. He then became a Senior Lecturer of Air Quality Research at the University of Leicester, where he influenced the discourse on air quality and its public health implications.

As Director of Enterprise at the Leicester Institute for Space and Earth Observation, Roland led initiatives to transform cutting-edge research into practical solutions. As the creator of the original technology that underpins EarthSense, he has driven the company’s vision and created its foundational technology, continuously pushing the boundaries in air quality monitoring and management.

Under Roland's leadership, EarthSense leads in innovation, providing actionable insights to address air quality and environmental sustainability challenges. His dedication to scientific excellence and positive global impact is evident in all his endeavours.


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