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Chris Taylor

Public Sector Lead


Chris brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to his role as Public Sector Lead at EarthSense. With a background in business development and a passion for fostering strong client relationships, Chris has consistently delivered in the public sector domain.

Prior to his promotion to Public Sector Lead, Chris served as our Business Development Manager, where he demonstrated his expertise in managing accounts within the public sector. His dedication and strategic approach played a pivotal role in expanding our company's presence in this crucial market segment.

Before joining our team, Chris embarked on an entrepreneurial journey as the Managing Director of a small business based in Birmingham. Through his leadership, he successfully expanded operations into Leicester, achieving year-on-year turnover growth. Under his guidance, the business flourished, employing a dedicated team of five professionals. Chris's entrepreneurial spirit led him to manage various aspects of business operations, from organisational structuring to sales and marketing strategies. He adeptly navigated the intricacies of business-to-business and private-sector sales, leveraging his knowledge to drive revenue and foster sustainable growth.

One of Chris's notable achievements during his tenure as Managing Director of Totally Dynamic was his proficiency in utilizing complex design software. Recognising its potential, he capitalised on this knowledge by offering the software to local designers as a means to outsource work, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity within the business. As part of his commitment to advancing the company's growth trajectory, Chris strategically orchestrated a partial sale of the business to a group of investors eager to fuel further expansion. This strategic move not only injected vital capital but also paved the way for scaling operations and reaching new heights of success.

Now, as Public Sector Lead, Chris is poised to leverage his extensive experience and keen insights to drive innovation, foster valuable partnerships, and propel our company within the public sector landscape. His unwavering dedication to excellence and proven leadership make him an invaluable asset to our team and our clients alike.

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