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Second Largest EarthSense Zephyr® Network to provide Air Quality Monitoring Across Worcestershire

EarthSense, the air quality expert, today announced that its second largest network of Zephyr® air quality monitors in the UK will be deployed across Worcestershire to provide real-time data that will help local authorities drive improved air quality policies to help mitigate the sources of pollution and improve public health.

For the three-year monitoring project, with options to renew, EarthSense will provide a complete air quality monitoring solution including 24 Zephyr® monitors around the county combined with EarthSense's MappAir® modelling tool, MyAir® web app and API access. This solution will enable the local authority to disseminate public health information and alerts about poor air quality episodes and advise the public on interventions to reduce pollution and exposure levels.

EarthSense Zephyr Air Quality Monitor attached to a lighting fixture in Worcestershire. Near road with signage and tree in background. Church visible in the distance.

Bromsgrove District, Redditch Borough, Malvern Hills District, Worcester City, Wychavon District, and Wyre Forest District councils will benefit from the improved air quality monitoring through their shared service, Worcestershire Regulatory Services. The EarthSense solution, funded by a DEFRA Air Quality Grant, will significantly improve the accuracy of nitrogen dioxide monitoring and upgrade the monitoring of particulate matter and other pollutants over a three-year period.

EarthSense will provide Worcestershire Regulatory Services with access to its MyAir® web app to allow residents to check air quality levels, which is important to those with health conditions such as heart and lung disease, as poor air quality conditions can impact their health. The data provided by the new system gives a clearer indication of air quality levels in the area and when vulnerable residents should limit their exposure.

Tom Hall, Managing Director, EarthSense, said: “This is a milestone moment for EarthSense, with our second largest Zephyr® monitor network being used by our local authority clients to encourage people to change the way they behave so that they pollute less and help to make Worcestershire a better, cleaner and healthier place to live."

Close up of EarthSense Zephyr Air Quality Monitor attached to a lighting fixture in Worcestershire.

The EarthSense Zephyr® is an iMCERTS-certified real-time air quality monitor that takes live measurements of ambient air pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitric oxide (NO), ozone (O3), hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10). Measurements are sent back to the MyAir® web application, where air quality data can be viewed, analysed, and downloaded. Used in combination with the MappAir® air quality model, users can pull various insights about areas of interest, such as pollution hotspots, peak times, and identify nearby sources contributing to elevated levels. About Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS):

Worcestershire Regulatory Services (WRS) is a shared service delivering Environmental Health functions (food safety, health and safety and many aspects of pollution control) and Licensing administration on behalf of the six district councils in Worcestershire:

  • Bromsgrove District Council

  • Malvern Hills District Council

  • Redditch Borough Council

  • Worcester City Council

  • Wychavon District Council

  • Wyre Forest District Council

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