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Somerset Council Selects EarthSense solution to monitor air quality

EarthSense, the air quality specialist, today announced that Somerset Council is using a solution consisting of Zephyr® air quality monitors, MappAir® model and MyAir® data portal to learn more about air pollution in the county and how to keep levels below national objectives.

Somerset Annual Adverages and AQMA Overlay shown in MyAir application

The EarthSense solution will help inform Somerset Council’s Air Quality Steering Group’s future decisions regarding highways and traffic issues in the area, including possible interventions to reduce exposure. The insights will help the Council to produce action plans outlining the measures to be taken to improve air quality, particularly in areas with AQMAs (Air Quality Management Areas). There are currently three AQMAs in the region – one in Yeovil, two in Taunton and one in Frome – and efforts are being made to reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide in these areas.

A spokesperson at Somerset Council, said: "Somerset Council is committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment for the benefit of everyone in Somerset - promoting fairness, economic growth and community safety. As pollutant levels increase the adverse effects on health increase, which we are determined to address. The majority of air quality pollution in Somerset is caused by road traffic, therefore, restricting traffic in the town centre could be a suitable measure to reduce pollution levels. Working with EarthSense will help us to understand what we're dealing with and when we're making a difference. This is all part of our climate strategy to become a greener more sustainable Somerset."

Tom Hall, Managing Director, EarthSense, said: "Using a combination of MyAir®, MappAir® and Zephyr® technologies will deliver a comprehensive picture of pollution for Somerset Council. This means the Council will be able to introduce suitable measures to mitigate increased pollution levels. It’s important that we work with councils across the UK to help them with their requirement to monitor air quality to guarantee it isn’t reaching dangerous levels and potentially harming members of the public."

Two Zephyr® monitors are located in Taunton, on East Reach and North Street, two in Yeovil on Sherborne Road and Bond Street, and one in Frome on Portway. The monitors provide readings every 10 minutes, enabling a detailed understanding of factors affecting localised pollution levels. The monitors will remain in place for three years.

Somerset Council Air Quality EarthSense - Aerial image of somerset

Data from EarthSense’s monitors will be available to the Council which will specifically look at the levels of nitrogen oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone, and three sizes of particulate (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) to make sure they are below national objectives.

EarthSense’s award-winning services help local authorities and commercial businesses to visualise and understand the levels of air quality in their local area. The Zephyr® monitors take live measurements of harmful gases and particulates in the air, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitric oxide (NO), ozone (O3) and particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10). Pollution measurements are supplemented by MappAir® modelling data, which provides context for locations where monitors have not been deployed. Air quality data can be accessed, analysed, and downloaded through MyAir®, which is available for businesses and local authorities to deliver live portals for the public to understand air quality in their area.

About Somerset Council:

Somerset Council is the unitary authority which governs the district of Somerset, which occupies the southern part of the ceremonial county of the same name in the South West of England. Find out more at:



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