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EarthSense Announces New Air Quality Reporting Service

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

EarthSense, the air quality expert, has today announced its Air Quality Reporting service, providing local authorities and commercial companies with a selection of reports on their measured air quality data.

Zephyr air quality monitor
Solar powered Zephyr® air quality monitor

The new Air Quality Reporting service provides EarthSense customers with standard, enhanced, and bespoke reports, giving them an option to receive reports that include appropriate levels of information, from a top-level analysis of air quality measurements to a comprehensive investigation into air quality, sources, exceedances, and more.

Tom Hall, Managing Director at EarthSense said: “Understanding air quality data may be a challenging and timely task for some, such as those waiting for reports from external companies, or people who are unfamiliar with analysing measurements. With our new Air Quality Reports, we can deliver usable insights and offer specialist translation of statistics for our clients and present it in a way that provides answers to air pollution challenges.”

The reports use data from EarthSense’s MyAir® web-based data application, such as the raw Zephyr® monitor measurements, one hour, eight hour and 24 hour mean measurements and trends, as well as integrated meteorological data from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Hall continued: “Subject to the type of report chosen, the new service means that organisations such as local authorities, transport, and construction companies can make quick, strategic decisions based on empirical evidence to improve air quality. We can tailor reports to support local councils for their Annual Summary Reports, demonstrate a construction company’s compliance with regulatory limits in a specified area, or research a wide range of fields such as demographics, urban planning, and explore its relationship with air quality for customers with various challenges.”

Standard Report

Available per calendar month, customers can select their Zephyr® monitors of interest and receive standard reports which summarise the recorded air quality measurements and ambient climatic data for those locations. This data is presented in a set of graphical information and tabulated metrics following industry standard formats. Standard reports enable users to better understand the performance of their Zephyr® network, the current air quality, investigate changes in pollution concentrations and trends, evidence compliance with regulatory limits, and view how well their intervention strategies are working.

Enhanced Report

Enhanced Reports provide a more detailed analysis of air quality data extracted from the MyAir® web app, with additional contextual insights from EarthSense experts. The reports translate pure statistical information into an easy-to-understand format, giving Zephyr® customers increased knowledge and understanding of air quality issues and potential improvements.

Customers can select the time period over which they would like their enhanced reports to run, and EarthSense’s in-house experts will use data from deployed Zephyr® monitors to deliver an analytical assessment of air pollution, exceedances, and comparisons against UK, European or World Health Organisation (WHO) objectives. The reports will also provide customers with commentary, such as potential reasons why exceedances may have occurred, or guidance about types of mitigation strategies that may be effective for reducing the effects of measured air pollution.

Bespoke Report

Bespoke reports are tailored for the customer to address a particular challenge or requirement. Customers are able to request a report based on a particular subject over a specified time period, such as an exploration into the links between demographics, geographical areas, and air quality exposure; an investigation into how meteorological conditions impact air quality; or a study into the effect of a particular emission type (for example, woodburning stoves) on air pollution levels and community exposure.

Depending on the topic being investigated, the reports may integrate third party data either provided by the customer or obtained by EarthSense, analysed in conjunction with EarthSense’s Zephyr® and MappAir® modelled air quality data, to deliver an in-depth examination of the required topics.

EarthSense offers a comprehensive air quality service, which delivers usable insights into air quality concentrations, spikes, trends and more, with its Zephyr® monitors, predictive pollution modelling with MappAir® and access to air quality data through the MyAir® web application. With the addition of its recently announced fully managed service, customers can now put EarthSense in charge of installation, maintenance, and optimisation of air quality monitoring networks.

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