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EarthSense Introduces C&M Consulting Engineers as South Africa Distributor for Zephyr® Sensors

EarthSense, the air quality specialist today announces a partnership with C&M Consulting Engineers (C&M) who will be distributing Zephyr® air quality sensors to South African municipalities and industrial businesses.

air quality sensor in south africa
Zephyr® air quality sensor with solar panel deployed in South Africa

The partnership sees C&M Consulting Engineers as a new South Africa distributor of EarthSense Zephyr® air quality sensors to industrial businesses and municipalities as a low-cost method of measuring and monitoring air pollution. The distribution of the Zephyr® sensors allows the implementation of large-scale, real-time air quality networks across South Africa instead of a limited number of costly government monitoring stations.

Following rising concerns about air pollution and the small number of monitoring stations available in South Africa, a growing need for budget-friendly, compact, and easy to maintain air quality sensors that could be widely deployed was identified. Working with municipalities and industries across South Africa, C&M can offer a full-service including monitoring clients’ air pollution levels, consulting on mitigation strategies and servicing the sensors.

Once the sensors are deployed, municipalities will be able to easily access information about pollution concentrations, hotspots, and sources, and will be able to trial the effectiveness of a range of air quality initiatives which will help them to make informed decisions about how to manage localised air quality.

Zephyr® air quality sensors take real-time measurements for a variety of pollutants including nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), carbon dioxide (CO2), TVOC, PM2.5 and PM10, which when increased, can become toxic to human health. The air quality sensors also come with 4G and 5G technologies, NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M1, and have RS232/RS485 capabilities for third party connections to monitor conditions such as meteorological conditions and wind speed, acting as a communications hub for wider environmental monitoring.

EarthSense provides Zephyr® sensors as an ongoing service with replaceable cartridges and calibrations, providing municipalities and industrial businesses with continuous high standards of data, saving costs that come with servicing larger government monitoring stations.

Commenting on the C&M partnership, EarthSense Managing Director Tom Hall said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with C&M as it means we’re able to expand our Zephyr® network into South Africa and give businesses and municipalities the option of affordable, compact, easy-to-use air quality sensors. Gathering data about air quality is vital for all areas of the world, but particularly in those areas with a low number of monitoring stations which in some cases can be costly for municipalities to service.”

Hall continues: “By implementing a Zephyr® network across South Africa, C&M will help to accumulate a larger range of data points and provide an accurate representation of its region’s air quality levels as opposed to using a small number of government monitoring stations to represent larger areas. We’re in full support of C&M’s aims of introducing a Zephyr® network and we’re looking forward to seeing what they help to achieve in the future.”

Company Directors, Riaan Kruger and Eugene Albertyn at C&M Consulting Engineers said: “The rapidly evolving need for budget friendly, compact and easy to maintain air quality monitoring systems gave us the space to explore the various options available in the market. The EarthSense Zephyr® checked all the boxes in terms of ease of use, portability, and application to name a few. In addition, continuous development, technological innovation, and product support will ensure that the product will remain relevant in our various markets for the foreseeable future.

Kruger and Albertyn continue: “This is an exciting time in the South African air quality market, and we look forward to integrating the EarthSense Zephyr® into our existing product range. We look forward to further develop and grow our relationship with EarthSense”.

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