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We're Exhibiting at the Air Quality & Emissions Show 2018!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

After the success of last year’s Air Quality and Emissions Show, we are delighted to take the stage again this year to talk about all things air quality.

Save the date

We are excited to be attending, presenting and sharing highlights with you all!

Come visit us at Stand 3 at the Telford International Centre on the 21st and 22nd of November.

You can also attend our workshop on national air quality monitoring in Room 2 from 13:30 – 14:00 on the 21st and 22nd of November. Technical Director Prof. Roland Leigh will be exploring: “The novel technology behind a new national monitoring capability”. Book now to avoid disappointment!

We also have EXCLUSIVE VIP tickets to give away to our invited guests! With full access to all of the exhibitions, conferences and programmes at both the Air Quality Emissions (AQE) and the Water Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring event (WWEM). Email us at to get your free VIP ticket to AQE, we would love to hear from you!

We're attending AQE 2018!

Why AQE?

We really found our time at AQE 2017 to be incredibly valuable in networking, meeting clients and exchanging ideas with other innovators.

There was no question that we would be attending again this year.

AQE 2018 promises to bring together air quality experts, academics, businesses and stakeholders under one roof. This year, three members of the team will be on hand to meet attendees and answer questions.

  • Tom Hall – Managing Director

  • Prof Roland Leigh – Technical Director

  • Kumar Pancholi – Principal Business Development Manager

We’re looking forward to meeting air quality colleagues at AQE and discussing the latest EarthSense developments, from static and mobile sensors to our newest data products.

The EarthSense portfolio of products is expanding and our library of successful case studies is growing ever faster – we look forward to our busiest show yet!

Helping you see the invisible at AQE 2018

Air pollution is a serious and global problem. One of the reasons it is so difficult to manage is because it is an invisible threat. This means that in order to reduce it, you need to be able to visualise it first.

People on scooters with masks - Asia air pollution

This is where our air quality data products really make their mark. The Zephyr® sensor and MappAir® nationwide map of air pollution can build a complete picture of air quality, especially if used together, offering an essential tool to fight air pollution.

We can also target these ground-breaking products and services to meet the needs of customers at AQE 2018. Urban planners, policy makers and anyone with an interest in clean air should head to Stand 3 at the AQE for a live demo.

The Zephyr® sensor makes sense of air pollution

Keep an eye out for our Zephyr® sensor outside the Telford International Centre taking real time air pollution readings, this is the perfect opportunity to trial a unit for yourself!

Readings from the Zephyr® are presented to the user on a bespoke dashboard. This does all the hard work of making sense of the data, so you don’t have to.

With live readings coming in on both days of AQE, this is your chance to see what the data looks like in person and understand how to use the data in your application for maximum impact.

Working on a plug-and-play principle, the Zephyr® is ready to use straight out of the box – a feature we are extremely proud of.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here are a few projects that have used our versatile little Zephyr® in the UK and in Europe to:

Book a slot today with one of our team members at AQE to find out more about how the Zephyr® can help you tackle air pollution. Simply drop us an email at or call us on 0116 296 7460.

MappAir® puts air quality on the map!

That’s exactly what MappAir® is - the first ever high-resolution map of air pollution in the UK. ​​It shows the annual levels of pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter in a way that is simple to understand and integrate. You can literally “see” the air quality anywhere in the UK at the click of a button.

You can also use this information to avoid toxic air hotspots or maximise use of clean air areas. This is exactly what the BBC did using MappAir® data to power its pollution postcode checker.

See you there!

Why not come see us at AQE for MappAir® demos, case studies and sample data images – some of which will be exclusive to AQE and never seen before.

We always enjoy speaking to people who want to know more about us, the team and our work in air quality. Don't forget to get your exclusive VIP tickets with all-access entry to the show by emailing

We’ll be pleased to take your questions and promise to give you an honest, industry-insider’s answer into any queries you have!

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