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EarthSense Introduces New White Zephyr® Air Quality Monitor

EarthSense, the air quality expert, today launched a new Zephyr® air quality monitor in a white colourway.

zephyr air quality monitor
White Zephyr® Air Quality Monitor

In response to its expanding global network of distributors and clients, who are now based in seven out of eight continents, EarthSense has introduced the flagship Zephyr® air quality monitor in a white colourway. The white Zephyr® will be offered as part of the EarthSense air quality monitoring service to distributors, transport companies, educational facilities, construction companies and governments located in countries with hotter climates.

The white Zephyr® operates in the same way as the original black Zephyr® and is manufactured using the same extruded aluminium and polycarbonate-ABS plastic materials. The new aesthetic brings improved performance in hotter temperatures by absorbing less heat than the black Zephyr®. This results in better cooling of the internal sensors and other operational components. The new colourway also increases the potential applications for the sensor where aesthetic considerations are important to clients.

The new design will create air quality monitoring opportunities for businesses across the world wanting to measure pollution concentrations in real-time and make use of measured data to improve localised conditions, creating healthier environments for communities.

EarthSense’s Managing Director, Tom Hall said: “EarthSense has seen rapid global expansion since its inception in 2016 and we are regularly establishing new partnerships with clients and distributors across the globe. Introducing the white Zephyr® monitor means we can offer a tool for our existing and future clients around the world that works as it should in different environments.”

EarthSense’s award-winning Zephyr® provides measurements of ambient air pollution in real-time. Measuring gases such as nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and ozone (O3) and particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10) as well as temperature, pressure, and humidity. The monitor uses an active sampling mechanism, drawing in ambient air to deliver insight into air quality concentrations, pollution episodes, short- and long-term trends.

Hall continued: “We have already seen deployments of the white Zephyr® in Iraq and in Dubai, where temperatures often exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Our distributor for the United Arab Emirates, AQM has monitored air quality using white Zephyrs in park and plaza settings around Dubai Expo 2020.”

Measured Zephyr® data is transmitted to the EarthSense online web app, MyAir® via a GSM or WiFi connection which allows users to view, analyse and download air quality data. As part of the complete air quality service, EarthSense also offers on-going data access, cartridge calibrations to government standard, cartridge replacements, and support and performance monitoring from its in-house data scientist and engineers.

Find out more about the Zephyr® at:

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