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Tom Hall

Chief Executive Officer


Tom is one of the driving forces behind EarthSense, leading the company as its Chief Executive Officer since its inception. With over two decades of corporate experience, Tom's journey began as an apprentice, shaping his understanding of business dynamics from the ground up. Throughout his career, he has held various influential roles, including serving as Sales Director at NM Group, where he honed his skills in sales strategy and leadership.

Tom's passion lies in leveraging spatial data to address pressing environmental issues, focusing on air quality. His technical expertise combined with his entrepreneurial spirit has propelled EarthSense to the forefront of the industry. Under his guidance, EarthSense has become an innovative company, utilising cutting-edge technologies for environmental monitoring and analysis.

Tom's leadership style is characterised by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to fostering a culture of innovation within the organisation. His strategic vision and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in driving EarthSense's growth and success over the past six years.


A proven industry professional, Tom has a track record of successfully bringing new technologies to market, with a particular emphasis on large-scale implementations across government organisations, public entities, and private enterprises. His ability to navigate complex landscapes and identify opportunities for growth has been a cornerstone of EarthSense's expansion and impact.

As CEO, Tom continues to steer EarthSense towards new heights, championing sustainability and driving positive change through the responsible application of spatial data technology. His leadership, combined with his technical knowledge and entrepreneurial drive, remains pivotal in shaping EarthSense's trajectory as a leading force in environmental innovation.

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