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London Borough
of Newham Council

Air quality monitoring around nine primary school sites provides the council with evidence-based reasoning to introduce timed road closures to combat idling vehicles.

EarthSense Zephyr® distributor, Enviro Technology Services Ltd. (ET) provided London Borough of Newham with a network of Zephyr® air quality sensors.
The sensors were deployed at nine primary school sites in the borough to measure air quality during peak travel times. Zephyr® measurements evidenced how nearby idling vehicles were depleting air quality at each location and potentially harming the health of children, giving the council evidence-based reasoning to introduce timed road closures.
London Borough of Newham also deployed Zephyr® air quality sensors at the Nightingale Hospital, London to measure air quality surrounding the location built to manage public health following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Key Air Quality Impact


primary school sites with Zephyr® air quality monitors deployed to evidence idling vehicles impact on air quality


Download the full case study here!

Project Images

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