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EarthSense Announce Enviro Technology Services as UK Distributor for Zephyr® Air Quality Sensors.

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Air quality expert, EarthSense has announced a channel partnership with leading supplier and service provider of environmental monitoring systems, Enviro Technology Services (ET).

This partnership sees Enviro Technology Services become the distributor of EarthSense Zephyr® air quality sensors to local authorities across the UK.

ET Managing Director, Duncan Mounsor and EarthSense Managing Director, Tom Hall with the Zephyr Sensor

The Zephyr® air quality sensor has established its place in the market as a small form, multi-pollutant, competitively-priced sensor. This makes it a popular choice of hardware for local authorities including Leeds City Council and North Norfolk County Council who are actively working to reduce levels of harmful nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.

Enviro Technology Services is a leading supplier of air quality instrumentation which includes the government-approved reference sites - the Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN), frequently used by environmental officers and planners within local authorities.

Commenting on the partnership, EarthSense Managing Director, Tom Hall says: “We co-locate and calibrate every Zephyr® sensor at a reference site to prove performance. Market leader, ET, recognised our scientific heritage and level of quality as an important asset to the small-form sensor market."

“Our partnership with ET will help us to better understand monitoring needs and create opportunities to enhance the density of air pollution monitoring networks in the UK.”

ET Managing Director, Duncan Mounsor says: “Whilst we tend to focus on reference methods and MCERTS-approved analyser technology, we very much see the huge potential of low cost, small format multi-pollutant sensor systems and the complementary ways in which they can expand and enhance the number of measurements in our towns and cities.”

Tom Hall adds: “I have the utmost confidence that working with ET, both a technical and market leader, will help us promote the quality and performance of the Zephyr® sensor and steer its future development. We are all very excited about the partnership and look forward to working with the team at ET.”

For local authorities interested in finding out more information about how the Zephyr® sensor can help tackle air pollution, please contact Enviro Technology Services at:, call 01453 733200 or visit

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