EarthSense Celebrates 4th Birthday!

EarthSense Turns 4!

We have officially been providing leading air quality services for 4 years, and what a great 4 years it has been! The first Zephyr® prototypes and MappAir® developments began back in 2013 and since we first began trading in 2016, we’ve come such a long way. Here’s a look back at some of the things we’ve achieved this year.

Company Growth & Working Through A Pandemic

We’ve grown… a lot! We’ve continued to grow the EarthSense team throughout the year and during the Coronavirus pandemic. Since the company formed we have scaled from 0 to 28 people, doubled turnover year on year, and continue to generate a healthy profit which is continually being re-invested to further expand our talented EarthSense family, 2020 has been no exception, and we are on course for our best ever year at EarthSense continuing our financial and technical growth.

We welcomed 6 new members to the Product Engineering team, including Software Developers, Data Analysts, Front End Developer, Air Quality Consultant and Firmware Developer. Bringing in new people with expertise allows us to continually work on providing the best air quality services for businesses and ensures we’re ahead of the game when it comes to product development.

Our commercial team also expanded – with 3 new members of the team in sales and marketing roles who have helped raise awareness of our products and services and established new distribution channels as well as management the day to day relationship with our partners. It doesn’t end there, we’re still on the lookout for talented individuals in both the product engineering and commercial team so if you think you’ve got the skills to work for us then head to our careers page!

Being a technology driven company, we’re able to continue working as usual and even expanding despite the Coronavirus pandemic. Our team has worked from home with a skeleton staff in and out of the office as needed to ensure our customers receive deliveries as usual. It’s been an interesting time to provide pollution data as air quality levels have fluctuated due to the national and localised lockdowns as a result of the virus. We wrote a blog about the changes in air quality from March – June 2020 and you can read our take on it in case you missed it!

Established New Partnerships

This year, we secured some exciting projects with some great businesses in construction, occupational health, education and more! We’ve also made new partnerships with distributors so we can provide our air quality services to businesses across the world in specialised sectors.

If you’re interested in becoming a Zephyr® distributor – get in touch!

We partnered up with Siemens Mobility who have integrated the Zephyr® into their Stratos hosted traffic management and working with local authorities, so transport-based air quality initiatives can be identified and implemented, such as using the Zephyr® sensor to inform and identify meaningful and timely traffic flow interventions through use of integrated air quality data.

Access to the Zephyr is now available globally with our recently established partnerships with Sedulitas in South Africa and Tevet, who will distribute the sensor to the occupational health and hygiene sector in Israel.

We really love seeing all the innovative ways that people use Zephyr® hardware and software to measure air quality. There are some new Zephyr® developments currently underway which will be announced later this year, so be sure to check back for more soon…

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