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EarthSense Launches New Zephyr® Air Quality Data Portal, MyAir®

11th February 2020

EarthSense, the air quality expert, today launched MyAir® - a new data access portal for the Zephyr® Air Quality Sensor.

MyAir®, Updated Zephyr® Data Access Portal Showing Zephyr® Locations and Measurements

MyAir® enables Zephyr® users to view their measured air quality sensor information in a newly designed, user-friendly interface. Several new features have been introduced to enhance the user experience and ease of data interpretation.

Zephyr® air quality sensors typically provide detailed insight into pollution hotspots such as congested road junctions in city centres, but users can now benefit from the inclusion of more air quality data platforms in the MyAir® dashboard; providing more in-depth insights to help drive pollution lowering initiatives.

The introduction of MyAir® sees the inclusion of the 100m-resolution UK MappAir® model, for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM2.5) available to all Zephyr® users. Data from the Automatic Urban & Rural Network (AURN) and Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) have also been incorporated into the Zephyr® data access dashboard.

Commenting on the incorporation of MappAir® into the MyAir® platform, Technical Director Roland Leigh said: ”High-resolution pollution modelling is easily overlaid with our own Zephyr® sensor data, allowing the context of measurements to be easily understood by all users in this first-to-market innovation.

“We are committed to the continuous improvement of our technologies and the fresh new interface allows users to get more out of their sensors. Stakeholders are now able to better understand and interpret the information they are receiving and the MyAir® platform will open opportunities to further develop cutting edge functionality through collaborations alongside partners such as Innovate UK.”

The updated data access dashboard has been developed based on user trials and feedback from key clients including Leicester City Council, Shropshire County Council and projects including LiVETAP (Live Visualisation of Emissions Towards Informed Avoidance of Pollution Hotspots) to guarantee ease of use and ensure the most accurate and comprehensive air quality data available for Zephyr® users.

EarthSense partner, Enviro Technology Services Ltd (ET), supplier of air quality monitoring equipment and distributor of the Zephyr® to the local authority sector, played a key role in trialling the functionality of the new MyAir® dashboard.

Managing Director at Enviro Technology Services, Duncan Mounsor said: “The new MyAir® dashboard is a great advancement for local authorities who will now have a view of air quality data across their whole town or city. This means they’re more informed than ever to make decisions around smart city planning, traffic management and clean routing applications for the general public.”

Other new features of MyAir® include intuitive drop-down menus and buttons so users can now easily toggle between multiple Zephyr® air quality sensors, various gases, and particulates for each unit. Coloured iconography and a minimalist interface allow users to quickly identify the status of their Zephyr® sensors and current air pollution levels from harmful gases and particulates, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3) and (particulate matter) PM2.5.

MyAir® ensures viewing and analysing data is swift and straightforward through new interactive graphs, configurable by custom date and time ranges, and exported in formats including KML and CSV.



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