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EarthSense Deploy Zephyr® in Leeds.

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Those with sharp eyes will now see Zephyr’s fitted to lamp posts in Leeds, in relatively traffic heavy areas. We are now the reporting air quality measurements data live back to our database and are looking forward to analysing the results.

the Zephyr® air quality sensor fixed to a lamp post in Leeds City Centre
Zephyr® Air Quality Sensor Deployed on a Lamp Post in Leeds City Centre

The purpose is to measure local air quality levels, in real time, and upload them to a specially developed hybrid vehicle interface, triggering on-demand zero-emission running instructions in vehicles when pollution levels are high enough.

The project aim is to develop a system to automatically activate zero-emission running of hybrid vehicles along the most heavily polluted city streets.

Known as Project ACCRA (Autonomous and Connected Vehicles for CleaneR Air) and led by Cenex, the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for low carbon technology, the project is

being undertaken in partnership with Leeds City Council.

By using part of the proposed Clean Air Zone in Leeds, Project ACCRA promises to offer cities new ways to reduce urban air pollution without additional charges to motorists or businesses.

Project partners include a consortium of automotive innovators, led by intelligent mobility experts Transport Systems Catapult.

Cenex and Transport Systems Catapult will evaluate the application, markets, business models and scalability of the system, in the hopes of using the technology more widely in Leeds and other UK Clean Air Zones.

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