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EarthSense Partners with Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team for The Ocean Race Europe

EarthSense, the air quality specialist has today announced a partnership with the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team for The Ocean Race Europe 2021, a science program to promote sustainability and ocean conservation.

Zephyr® monitor installed on the boat, picture by Martin Keruzoré

Mirpuri Foundation, a non-profit organisation established with the aim of creating a better world for future generations, will use Zephyr® air quality monitors to measure air pollution levels on land and at sea. A Zephyr® has been installed on the navigation platform at the stern of the teams racing boat and will detect pollution levels at sea. A second monitor has also been deployed on a support vehicle which will follow the boat around Europe throughout the legs of the race.

As the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team’s partner for The Ocean Race Europe, EarthSense will collate, analyse, and compare air quality data from the Zephyr® monitors through its MyAir® software. EarthSense will use visualisations of pollution levels to determine the exposure experienced by the racing team on their journey around Europe. This information will be used to communicate the differences between measurements taken in challenging conditions at sea and measurements taken during the support vehicle’s journey on land.

Starting in Lorient, France with stops in Cascais, Portugal, Alicante, Spain, and finishing in Genova, Italy the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team crew of 10 sailors will race its VO65 boat, named ‘Racing For The Planet’, to promote sustainability and ocean conservation to lead and inspire people around the world to act on the critical issue.

EarthSense Managing Director, Tom Hall comments: “The Zephyr® is a valuable tool for understanding air pollution levels in hostile environments and is designed to collect data when used on the move. EarthSense is an advocate for creating a safer and cleaner environment and partnering with the Mirpuri Team to promote the message of ocean conservation is in line with everything we stand for. The best of luck to the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team­ for the race!”

Paulo Mirpuri, Founder of the Mirpuri Foundation said: “Sustainability and ocean conservation is at the heart of the Mirpuri Foundation. As a professional sailing team, we have the platform to support and promote ideas that can protect the fragile and irreplaceable ecosystems that we depend on. By taking part in The Ocean Race Europe, we’re able to spread awareness of the need to stop climate change, but also capture and share vital data that can have real value in leading to meaningful change and we are excited to work with innovative technology like the Zephyr® monitor to achieve this.”

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