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EarthSense Partners with AQM to Offer Zephyr® Air Quality Monitors in the United Arab Emirates

EarthSense, the air quality specialist, today announced a partnership with international environmental monitoring consultants, AQM.

A white Zephyr® monitor deployed in the United Arab Emirates

The partnership sees AQM as EarthSense’s distributor of Zephyr® air quality monitors, with a focus on the education, healthcare, and real estate sectors, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The introduction of Zephyr® monitors into the country will enable air quality monitoring projects designed to better understand ambient air pollution and improve air quality.

Near-reference, small form factor air pollution sensors, such as the EarthSense Zephyr®, offer significant value in the UAE and neighbouring countries. These devices are able to offer localised insight into air quality, augmenting existing government monitoring stations. This, in turn, gives clients a clear picture of air quality at their local facilities, and allows them to take action where required.

EarthSense Zephyr® monitors provide valuable real-time data that can help to keep vulnerable communities safe from the adverse impacts of air pollution, including school-aged children. AQM plans to promote the benefits of Zephyr® monitors in the education sector, enabling schools to better understand the air pollution to which their students may be exposed. By viewing measurements through the MyAir® web application, schools can make informed decisions regarding keeping children indoors during any adverse air pollution events, such as dust storms.

Schools, hospitals, and other healthcare organisations can deploy the monitors to understand how nearby idling vehicles are affecting air quality and understand the relationship between outdoor and indoor air pollutant concentrations. In addition, AQM’s clients in the commercial real estate sector can use Zephyr®­ monitors to identify air pollution concentrations in car parks, shopping malls, office buildings and other stadiums and public facilities. Users will be able to analyse air quality data through the MyAir® web application to identify correlations between the number of people, pollution, and personal exposure from a health and safety perspective.

Greg Lewis, Head of Sales & Marketing at EarthSense said: “Our partnership with AQM means that the Zephyr® ­­is becoming more accessible to countries across the world. Air quality affects us all, and by building on our Zephyr® networks across the globe, we can gain a better understanding of air pollution and work towards a safer environment and improved human health.”

The Zephyr® is a small form, indicative air quality monitor which takes measurements of harmful gas and particulate matter with an active sampling mechanism. The monitor takes measurements every 10 seconds via inlet air which is subsequently released back into the atmosphere. Once detected, gas and particulate measurements are fed into the EarthSense MyAir® web application where the data can be accessed, analysed, and downloaded for information about pollution episodes, hotspots, trends, and sources.

Faizal Hasham, General Manager at AQM said: “The Zephyr® offers near-reference measures of a multitude of air pollutants. It is compact and polished, easy to install and maintain, and can withstand high heat, humidity and dust loads which are prevalent in the region. Governments and businesses are under increasing pressure to measure and manage air quality, due to the detrimental effects that pollution can have on ecosystems and human health. Data from the Zephyr® can be made available either directly through the MyAir® web application or can be fed into other data management and asset management systems already in use by our clients. We believe that Zephyr® sensors offer particular benefit for the education, healthcare, and commercial real estate sectors in the UAE.

“We have built an excellent relationship with the EarthSense team, and we believe that our partnership will allow us to empower our clients to make informed decisions on matters of air quality across the United Arab Emirates,” continued Hasham.

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