'EarthSensers' Enjoy Pedal-Power & Helping the Environment on Clean Air Day 2018

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

We made the most of national Clean Air Day this year by using every avenue possible to reduce air pollution and spread awareness about air quality.

EarthSense team holding pledge cards for clean air day
EarthSense team with their Clean Air Day pledges

Active Travel​​

One example of a pledge included using active travel options to commute to work instead of the car. Some of the team walked while majority cycled in, dropping off children to school by bike en-route.

Sam and Sam cycling in on Clean Air Day
Sam Grocock & Sam Brocksopp Cycle in for Clean Air Day 2018

The glorious sunshine was an added incentive to leaving the car behind but where this was not possible, employees made sure to use the electric mode on their hybrid cars.

Everyone observed a strict no-idling policy when the car was not in use, no exceptions. With the Mayor of London and several other cities introducing anti-idling

measures as a way to combat air pollution, this was an easy action point for us to implement.

Reaching Out

A specially designed landing page was set up on our website with some handy suggestions about improving air quality for Clean Air Day.

We aimed to present lots of complex material from academic resources in a concise and engaging way. Each and every one of us was active on social media, whether Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, encouraging friends and peers to get on board for Clean Air Day. With #CleanAirDay trending in the top 10 through-out the day, it was a positive experience to see what other companies and colleagues were up to as well as sharing tips and hints to improve the air.

We embraced the chance to reach out and speak up!

An Interactive Demo

A big part of the our core beliefs on clean air and a greener environment means practising what we preach. We feel passionately about the topic of clean air, especially since many have children and are well-aware of the dangers of toxic air pollution on little lungs.