Measuring an NO2 Reduction on London Car Free Day

EarthSense Data Scientist, Jordan White writes a blog on his day in London for World Car Free Day and filming for BBC One Sunday Morning Live

A call from the BBC

We received a call from the BBC inviting us to their broadcasting house in Westminster, London to feature on a segment of the BBC One programme, Sunday Morning Live on 22nd September 2019 - World Car Free Day with the City of London participating in the event.

We have a good on-going relationship with the BBC following the launch of our pollution postcode checker and were invited to discuss the Zephyr® air quality sensor as a tool for measuring urban air pollution.

World Car Free Day - London

Some of the world’s biggest cities took part in World Car Free Day with London’s Car Free Day mission “committed to championing traffic-free city centres and active travel” brought through the closure of all roads to vehicle traffic in parts of City of London, Tower Hamlets and Southwark.

It was an ideal opportunity to take the Zephyr® sensor and to see whether the reduction in cars on the road would be observable. So, on the morning of Sunday 22nd October I made my way to London with a Zephyr® in tow.

Filming with for BBCOne 'Sunday Morning Live'

I arrived in Westminster at the BBC broadcasting house where we began filming for the Sunday Morning Live segment. This included interviews from a host of others taking part in London Car Free Day covering topics from how the event was organised and some of the benefits of having less cars on the road.

The Zephyr® air quality sensor was highlighted as a method of measuring urban air pollution at high temporal and spatial resolution.

View of the BBC broadcasting house in london and people being filmed for Sunday Morning Live
Filming for BBC One Sunday Morning Live on 22.09.2019 at the BBC Broadcasting House in Westminster, London.

You can watch the full programme here or fast forward to the segment at 55 mins - (available until 22.10.2019)

The eerie calm of London

Following the filming, I walked into the from Westminster with a mobile Zephyr® sensor which I had placed into a small backpack. Zephyr’s can be hard wired into a post, solar powered or run on battery power for 24-48 hours for experiments like this one.

It was business as usual in Westminster, however, the City of London was quite surreal. There absolutely no cars on the road and an eerie silence.

I came across a street festival with dedicated chill-out areas, children’s play areas, food stalls and local performers – quite the opposite of seeing people rushing through the streets and trying to cross busy junctions in the masses.<