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Tom Hall Talks MyAir®, and What it Means For Air Quality Management

To celebrate the launch of MyAir®, EarthSense Managing Director, Tom Hall talks about plans for the new data access portal MyAir®, Zephyr® air quality sensors and MappAir® air quality data.

MyAir®: MappAir®, AURN and AQMA Data

The Growth of Zephyr® Air Quality Sensors

Since the deployment of our first commercial Zephyr® air quality sensor in 2017, we’ve been lucky enough to see the number of users expand exponentially. This growth and working closely with our network of users has allowed us to focus on product development to ensure they are receiving great value for money and air quality data access service that is unparalleled.

Providing a Holistic View of Air Pollution

Being a technology-driven company, we’re dedicated to providing the richest source of air pollution data and ensuring we have a suitable way for people to access it. By working with our customers we have been driven by their desire for a more holistic view of pollution around towns and cities, to understand the

pollution sources and hotspots, and provide insight into real-world interventions. MyAir® now incorporates MappAir® which ‘fills in the gaps’ and allows our users to get a better view and understanding of what air quality levels are in-between sensors in their network.

New Features

All of our Zephyr® users now get access to the Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN), Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) boundaries and MappAir® real-time 100m-resolution air quality model for particulate matter (PM2.5) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) through one dashboard and free of charge. Also, the fresh new interface introduces customisable filters for users to navigate between each information type, customisable graphs, plus data averaging tools.

Interactive Graphs Displaying Pollutants
MyAir®: Interactive Graphs Displaying Pollutant Gases

What We Can Expect to See in the Future

The MyAir® portal is something that we will continue developing to ensure Zephyr® and MappAir® users can get the most out of their air quality data. The key thing we’ll be adding in the coming months is a variety of modules that allow further interrogation and interaction with the data allowing our users to get a better understanding of how real-world scenarios will impact the air quality levels.

What Does This Mean for Air Quality Information?

Ultimately, MyAir® helps to quantify the levels and location of harmful pollution that’s in the air we breathe. Providing this information to our customers and ultimately the general public means that we can help raise awareness about how detrimental it can be to our livelihoods. This data ensures towns, cities and countries can actively encourage the behavioural shift that needs to take place to improve the health and well-being of their residents and help pave the way to cleaner air for all. We must continue working towards improving attitudes and deliver real action if we are to combat the global pollution crisis.

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