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Zephyr® Air Quality Sensor Popularity Soars!

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Air Quality expert EarthSense will be deploying over 100 sensors across the UK as part of a number of innovative projects.

EarthSense has a large deployment programme starting in May 2017 of static and mobile sensors across the country, thanks to forward thinking local authorities and innovators pre-ordering the Zephyr® air quality sensor. These sensors will be feeding information about air pollution in real-time to help inform a policies and interventions across the county.

Sam Brocksopp holding the Zephyr® air quality sensor
Software Engineer, Sam Brocksopp with the Zephyr® V2

The Zephyr® rose to fame on the BBC documentary “fighting for Air” where it was used to measure air quality for King's Heath, Birmingham. The results where astounding, demonstrating a 20% reduction in NO2 through community action.

The Zephyr® is a state-of-the-art air quality sensor that is compact, lightweight and affordable. It accurately measures NO2 and O3 with optional PM, SO2 and CO. Each system also measures humidity and temperature. The unique replaceable cartridge system makes it easy to manage. They are available in static or mobile mode and are GPS, 3G/4G and Wi-Fi enabled.

EarthSense Managing Director Tom Hall said, “We are very pleased to start deploying the latest Zephyr® en masse from May with large scale manufacturing in place to support further orders across the world.

Not only are we deploying sensors in UK cities and to local authorities, but we are also shipping our sensors to Germany and the USA”. We recommend anyone who needs to measure air quality in real time to get in touch as soon as possible to secure a Zephyr® and to get your air quality project running."

To obtain your quote for a Zephyr® please contact or call 0116 196 7460.

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