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Zephyrs go Green with Solar Panel Option!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

The Zephyr® air quality sensors can now be easily deployed in areas with no access to electricity, thanks to our new solar panel option.

A Zephyr® air quality sensor fitted to lamp post with the new solar panel
Zephyr® air quality sensor powered by solar panel and fitted to a vertical post

This latest development to our Zephyr® air quality monitor uses solar panels in addition to its battery-powered system without compromising on performance or accuracy. Rapidly establishing its place in the air quality market, the Zephyr® is set to become the go-to device for reliable air pollution monitoring in the UK and abroad.

The Zephyr® measures NO2, O3, humidity and temperature, with optional PM and SO2 and with its ease of install can be installed practically anywhere where reliable data collection is needed.

The solar panel directly plugs into the Zephyr® which contains charging circuitry with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology to optimise the solar panel’s output. Secure attachment is straightforward, making the solar-powered Zephyr adaptable to many different air quality scenarios. Examples include roadside sites, traffic lights in pollution hot spots, or sensitive sites such as schools.

“This is an exciting time to be working in EarthSense. The new solar option for our Zephyrs will make air quality monitoring even more sustainable and accessible, enabling critical data collection in locations without readily available power” said Head of Technology, Robin Bailey

To find out more about the Zephyr® and how to order your own please contact | 0116 296 7460.

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