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EarthSense Commercial Director Featured in UK Female Innovator Exhibition

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Our very own Donna Lyndsay featured in the Innovate UK and Getty Images exhibition highlighting leading UK Female Innovators.

Donna Lyndsay poses for a photo near her home in Exmoor. Photographed by Amelia Troubridge
Donna Lyndsay, EarthSense Commercial Director

With inspiring imagery by acclaimed photographer Amelia Troubridge, the pictures challenge perceptions about female innovation, inspiration, creativity and entrepreneurship. Amelia photographed Donna near her home on Exmoor, South West England.

The infocus women in innovation exhibition is open from 18th – 29th July 2017, at the Getty Images Gallery. In an effort to challenge the fact that one in three women say their gender has negatively impacted their career in innovation, this unique exhibition profiles Innovate UK’s women in innovation Award Holders and ambassadors.

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