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Zephyrs in Leeds Provide Live Air Quality Data

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Live air quality data from the first elements of a mass deployment of Zephyrs in Leeds City Centre have been steadily feeding back to our database. Within a month of setting up a fleet of Zephyr® sensors in traffic-dominant locations in Leeds, the results have given some fascinating insights into the ebb and flow of this dynamic city.

Zephyr Air Quality Sensor

The Zephyr® accurately measures local air quality levels in real time, uploading data onto a purpose-built hybrid vehicle interface which automatically triggers a zero-emission running mode in vehicles. This means that in areas experiencing higher levels of ​​pollution, the vehicle automatically switches to program which reduces the pollution released into the atmosphere, thereby improving air quality in that area.

Data from two of the Zephyr units is shown below with Unit 34 recording data by one of the main arterial routes in the city, and Unit 33 located close to the inner ring road. Both units continue to feedback information on nitrogen dioxide (NO2), one of the primary pollutants in traffic emissions, with subtle variability across the city depending on traffic flows and weather conditions

The deployment of Zephyrs forms part of Project ACCRA which aims to reduce urban air pollution in key areas across Leeds. In partnership with Leeds City Council and Transport Systems Catapult, Project ACCRA comprises a consortium of automotive innovators including Cenex, Dynniq, EarthSense and Tevva Motors Ltd.

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